Network Solutions

Behold the transformative power of serious connectivity. From secure multi-location networks to dedicated fiber links, we've got the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses.


Enhance New Business Opportunities with a Sustainable Business Network

If you’re a business professional looking to make smart initiatives within your company, Business Services Connect can help you find the perfect network provider partnership that will enhance reliability, sustainability, streamline business practices, and improve the user experience of your customers.



There's a reason we’re rising fast on the Ethernet-for-business charts. Find out why more and more businesses are ditching T-1s for fiber-powered business connectivity.

Managed Security

Managed firewall, managed VPN, managed anything. If your data needs protection (and whose doesn’t?), we’ve got you covered.

Wavelength Services

When you own a dedicated band on a fiber network, you can do just about anything. Ask your local provider how to fiber-ize your transport needs.

Co-Location Services

Stake your claim to the cloud with fiber-connected data center facilities that empower your business with enterprise-level connectivity. And entrepreneur-level affordability.

Managed Router Services

Fatigued by IT management tasks and the costs they demand? Turn the task over to a partner who does it for a living. And focus on running your business even better.

Managed WiFi

Troubleshooting your WiFi network costs you time and money. Put a specialist on the job. Your employees will love you.

Find Your Business Network Provider

Whether you’re a startup, nonprofit organization, retailer or anything in between, we are here to provide the right network solutions to get you connected.
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Benefits of Network Solutions

Ensure you’re always connected and maintaining your network at the highest level to keep your business running efficiently.
  • Affordable high performance and reliability
  • The No. 1 U.S. broadband provider
  • Choose-your-own speed/pricing flexibility
  • Bundled options that save you money
  • Installation and service support

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Get More for Your Business with Us.

We've got your business covered with everything from high-speed, secure networking to customized video solutions.

It’s fast, it’s dependable, it’s affordable and it’s always-on. Maybe that’s why millions of U.S. businesses have turned to their local cable companies to supply critical Internet connectivity that powers everything from websites to email to sophisticated ecommerce platforms.
Cable’s the fresh new alternative for keeping your business connected with customers, employees, vendors, business partners and more. From multi-line PBX connections to anywhere-you-are messaging services, cable-powered business voice services speak the language of business success. With perfect clarity, of course.
We’ve got TV in our DNA. That’s why we’re the right choice for providing the ideal mix of on-screen entertainment wherever you want it: In hotel rooms, in customer waiting areas, in restaurants and bars, in bank lobbies – or just about anywhere people like to watch.
Work isn’t just done in the office or at home anymore. That’s why millions of employees rely on fast and dependable mobile phone service to help them get their work done. Take your work “on the go” with business mobile.

What's available where: Some of the products and services described within this website may not be universally available across all areas. Ask your cable providers for detailed, up-to-date information about specific product offerings and availability.