Network Solutions

Behold the transformative power of serious connectivity. From secure multi-location networks to dedicated fiber links, cable's the ideal solution for large businesses and growing enterprises.


There's a reason cable’s rising fast on the Ethernet-for-business charts. Find out why more and more businesses are ditching T-1s and connecting with cable instead.

Layer 3 VPN

Save money and reduce networking complexity by outsourcing VPN routing to your cable provider. If it sounds like a formula for business success, that's because it is.

Wavelength Services

When you own a dedicated band on a fiber network, you can do just about anything. Ask your cable provider how to fiber-ize your transport needs.

Co-location Services

Stake your claim to the cloud with cable-powered data center facilities that put your business closer to the network. And the customer.

Managed Router Services

Fatigued by IT management tasks and the costs they demand? Turn the task over to your cable provider. And focus on running your business even better.

Managed WiFi

Troubleshooting your WiFi network costs you time and money. Put your cable company on the job. And you'll never again have to listen to the kid in shipping complain that the network's down.


Powerful transport networks deliver all the reliability you need.

  • Secure networking solutions
  • Proven Ethernet expertise
  • On-the-spot service and support.
  • Dedicated transport for critical connectivity
  • IT acumen plus flexible cloud solutions.

Find Your Provider.

You're ready to grow. Your cable company’s ready to help. Here's how to get together.


Get More For Your Business With Us.

Your cable provider has your business covered with everything from high-speed, secure networking to customized video solutions.


So exactly who is CTAM?

We’re a national industry organization (CTAM, that is) that helps growing businesses find the cable telecommunications providers serving their market.

Can’t I just contact my cable provider directly?

Of course. But if you’re not sure who to call, or you need help identifying the right company for a new market, we’re here to help. We can also make sure your call or message gets to the right people within the cable company – the agents that specialize in helping businesses like yours get connected.

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What's available where: Some of the products and services described within this website may not be universally available across all areas. Ask your cable providers for detailed, up-to-date information about specific product offerings and availability.

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Say the word (actually, press the button) and we’ll contact the providers on your behalf and they’ll find the best solutions at the best prices for your business.

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