Frequently Asked Questions

So exactly who is CTAM?

We’re a national industry organization (CTAM, that is) that helps growing businesses find the cable telecommunications providers serving their market.

Why would I need help?

Different cable companies operate in different parts of the country. If you’re not sure which cable provider offers business communications services in your area – or if your business operates in multiple locations that cross cable provider boundaries – it helps to have a uniform locator tool to find out who operates where.

Why the varying locales anyway?

Cable’s the ultimate local business. The territories cable companies serve are usually established by local towns, counties, cities and sometimes state authorities. So in some cases the cable company in one city may be distinct from the cable company in a neighboring locale.

Can’t I just contact my cable provider directly?

Of course. But if you’re not sure who to call, or you need help identifying the right company for a new market, we’re here to help. We can also make sure your call or message gets to the right people within the cable company – the agents that specialize in helping businesses like yours get connected.

What’s in it for my business?

Plenty. Over the past decade or so, cable has emerged as a fast-rising alternative to legacy networking companies with one-size-fits-all services, expensive products and impersonal support. Cable companies own their own networks, offer a wide range of telecommunications and IT services, and typically maintain extensive localized service teams. Cable’s a welcome new choice in telecommunications for businesses ranging from solo entrepreneurs to multi-location enterprises.

Where can I find out more?

The best resource for specific information about services, products and prices is your local cable provider. Use our quick-location tool to verify the company serving your area. They’ll take it from there.

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