Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Business Services Connect?

What is the purpose of this website?

Sometimes it’s confusing to figure out what telecom provider serves what market. So if you’re not sure which company to contact, we can help. This website provides a nationwide instant-locator tool that matches you up with companies in your markets. You take it from there.

Can’t I just call my provider directly?

Of course; that’s exactly why we’re here. But if you’re not sure who to call, or you need help identifying the right company for a new market, we’re here to help. We can also make sure your call or message gets to the right people within the company – the agents that specialize in helping businesses like yours stay connected.

Why are there different providers in varying areas?

Our partner companies represent the ultimate in local business connectivity. The territories they serve were originally established by local towns, counties, cities and sometimes state authorities. That’s why the company in one city may be different from the company in a neighboring area.

What makes Business Services Connect special?

Plenty. Over the past decade or so, our partner companies have emerged as fast-rising alternatives to legacy networking providers that limit you to one-size-fits-all services, expensive products and impersonal support. Our companies own their own networks, offer a wide range of telecommunications and IT services, maintain extensive localized service teams and help millions of businesses grow and thrive. We’re a welcome new choice in telecommunications for businesses ranging from solo entrepreneurs to multi-location enterprises.

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