Business Internet

Cable-powered Internet services bring the power of high-speed, always-on connectivity to your doorstep – or anywhere you do business.

High-speed Internet

Sort of like the ideal employee: fast, reliable and always ready for what's next. Wait: Did we mention fast?

Fiber Optic Internet

With cable, your business Internet service runs over an owned-and-operated fiber network that links directly to your business. So great connections are an everyday thing.

Dedicated Internet

Lots of data, little time? Here’s a fitting solution: your own private fast lane for secure, managed connectivity, backed by local technicians, expert support and guaranteed uptime.

WiFi Solutions

From waiting-room WiFi to secure intra-office connectivity, cable-powered wireless data networks keep you online and in touch everywhere you want.

WiFi Hotspots

Delight your customers with WiFi that's convenient, easy to identify and always easy to use. Thanks, cable.

Web Hosting

The affordable, reliable hosting solution for your business web presence is right here. Now that was easy.

Managed Security

Managed firewall, managed VPN, managed anything. If your data needs protection (and whose doesn’t?), cable's your solution.

Internet Security?

Your network is everything. Keep it safe from malicious attacks and security threats with help from a reliable partner: your cable company.


The Internet loves cable. Your business will, too.

  • Affordable high performance.
  • The No. 1 U.S. broadband provider
  • Choose-your-own speed/pricing flexibility.
  • Bundled options that save you money.
  • Installation and service support.

Find Your Provider.

You're ready to grow. Your cable company’s ready to help. Here's how to get together.


Get More For Your Business With Us.

Your cable provider has your business covered with everything from high-speed, secure networking to customized video solutions.


So exactly who is CTAM?

We’re a national industry organization (CTAM, that is) that helps growing businesses find the cable telecommunications providers serving their market.

Can’t I just contact my cable provider directly?

Of course. But if you’re not sure who to call, or you need help identifying the right company for a new market, we’re here to help. We can also make sure your call or message gets to the right people within the cable company – the agents that specialize in helping businesses like yours get connected.

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What’s available where: Some of the products and services described within this website may not be universally available across all areas. Ask your cable providers for detailed, up-to-date information about specific product offerings and availability.

Prefer a Personal Introduction?

Say the word (actually, press the button) and we’ll contact the providers on your behalf and they’ll find the best solutions at the best prices for your business.

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